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Bronze Thru Hull Transducers

Depth, Temperature, Speed
By: Garmin

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Choose the transducer or sensor that best suits your needs. Transducer kits come with installation instructions. Please follow these instructions carefully to ensure proper operation. • Transducers only provide raw data, and must be connected to a processor (usually a depth sounder with a display, or a “black box” sonar module) in order to display depth, speed, etc. Depth transducers are commonly available in 50/200 KHz (deep/shallow water) and 200 KHz (shallow water, less than 600 ft.) models • Transducers with 0° of element tilt must be mounted so element points straight down; if the hull is curved or angled, they often require fairing blocks to achieve this. Transducers showing a range of element tilt angles (relative to the hull) can be set to a particular angle within that range at the time of installation. This can eliminate the need for using a fairing block when mounting on a curved or angled hull • Hull material: wood - use a bronze transducer • Hull material: fiberglass - use any transducer material • Hull material: aluminum - use a plastic transducer or make sure you use stainless with a good bond breaker

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