NMEA 2000 Network Connection Components

NMEA 2000 Network - Backbone or Drop Cables

Available in Four Lengths From 1 ft to 33 ft • "Thin" Cable • 3 Amp Maximum
By: Garmin

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An NMEA 2000 Network is easily created by connecting NMEA 2000 devices which communicate using basic plug-and-play cables and connectors.
Networks can be added to at any time in the future.

Garmin uses NMEA micro (thin 22 AWG wire) connectors on their cables, sensors, T-connectors, terminators, and on Garmin devices. These follow NMEA 2000 standards, and are compatible with other NMEA 2000 micro connectors, cables, and NMEA 2000 devices from other manufacturers.

Garmin sensors are commonly packaged with a drop (connector) cable, a T-connector, and two terminators.
Garmin display units may also include additional NMEA 2000 components (such as a power cable).
The NMEA components included with a Garmin sensor or display are listed in the product documentation. A diagram on the product box shows which NMEA 2000 components are included.

• The main communication channel of a network is called a "backbone"
• Each device connects to the backbone with a T-Connector and a drop cable
• The backbone must have a source of power, and terminators (1 male and 1 female) must be installed at each end of the backbone for it to function properly
• The NMEA 2000 components below can be used in building, or adding to, your NMEA 2000 compatible network

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