Deka 8G8D 12V 8D Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Deka 8G8D 12V 8D Deep Cycle Gel Battery

Sealed construction | Non-spillable | UL Listed

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Deka's Dominator gelled electrolyte batteries combine true deep cycling ability with spill-proof construction. The permanently locked in, thixotropic gel won't spill, even if the battery is tipped upside down or cracked open.

Gel technology provides a longer deep cycle service life than comparable lead acid batteries, operates for longer times between charging, and recharges faster.
Deka gel batteries can be used in extreme hot or cold conditions. Sealed construction eliminates periodic watering, corrosive acid fumes, spills, and allows them to be installed in any position (although upside down is not recommended).
Totally maintenance free and exceptionally reliable, these long-lasting batteries are particularly well-suited for remote or sensitive applications such as ship's batteries, buoy lighting and navigation beacons, emergency power supply systems, security systems, remote telemetry, off-grid solar, oil and gas wellhead monitoring, and even trolling motors.

Their industry leading charge loss of less than 2% per month means Dominator gel batteries can go for long periods during transport, storage, or not being used, and still provide power when needed.
The "Valve Regulated" cells in these batteries are designed with a positive-pressure, resealing safety release valve and durable jar and cover construction to prevent electrolyte leakage and minimize water loss throughout its service life.

• No need to check fluid levels; no terminal corrosion
• Valve regulated, self-sealing vent
• Sealed recombinant polypropylene casing and top construction
• Heavy duty tank formed lead calcium plates
• Calcium/copper lead alloy grids
• Deka weld seals each critical intercell seam inside the battery
• Premium fiberglass mat separators
• Operating temperature: -76°F - 140°F
• Charge voltage (68°F): 2.30 - 2.35 volts/cell (for 12 volt batteries, charge to at least 13.8 volts, but no more than 14.1 volts)
• Float voltage (68°F): 2.25 - 2.30 volts/cell (for 12 volt batteries, float between 13.5 and 13.8 volts)
• Do not install batteries in a sealed container/battery box
• Amp hour capacity provided is at the 20 hour rate
• Rated non-spillable by ICAO, IATA and DOT
• Terminal style - SAE automotive post
• Overall dimensions (including terminals): 20-3/4"L x 11"W x 10"H
• UL listed
• Made in Pennsylvania, USA

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