5 1/8L X  6 3/8W X 1 3/8"H
SnapTainer® Brackets
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SnapTainer® Brackets
SnapTainer® Brackets
SnapTainer® Brackets

SnapTainer Brackets

Conveniently Organize Your Snaptainers

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SnapTainer Brackets allow you to mount and store SnapTainer boxes on horizontal and vertical surfaces - where they are out of the way, yet convenient to access. SnapTainer boxes come in several heights, and if inserted in the bracket with the deeper boxes toward the rear, you can see the contents of each box without having to remove the front ones. Bracket lengths are designed to present a uniform appearance when several are used, and the boxes are in place. Patent pending.

• All brackets are 6-3/8" wide and 1-3/8" high - they simply vary in length
• Any SnapTainer with a 6" dimension (length or width) will slide into the brackets
• Can use any height SnapTainer
• Brackets come with single or double exits - openings at one or both ends
• Brackets can be mounted side by side to create large, versatile storage capacity
• Brackets mount with very high bond double-sided tape (TP-3M/VHB/6), or #8 SS FH screws
• Some 6" SnapTainers have a shallow version available with internal dividers
• Table below shows the SnapTainer Brackets, and all the Snaptainer boxes that can be used in them
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