Back-Up Control for Electronic Engines
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Back-Up Control for Electronic Engines

Redundant Gear & Throttle Control for Electronic Engines

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With all the "bells and whistles" offered with various engine control systems, here’s one that will quickly become indispensible. The Glendinning system provides an automatic, integrated back-up control in the event that the normal operating system is not functioning.

Having a back up control system for your engine’s gear and throttle is like having added insurance while you are enjoying your time on the water. If the main system should fail - perhaps due to a problem with the battery power supply - simply turn the back-up system on (flip the switch) and the main station control continues to be in control of your boat’s propulsion system. Back-up control can make the difference between having to head back to the dock, or getting back to enjoying the moment.

Any product which is installed in the marine environment has the potential for failure. Due to the very critical nature of the propulsion control, we believe that it is wise to have a redundant, backup system for propulsion control. Because of that, the Complete Controls system offers an optional, integrated, backup control to provide the boat owner with the highest degree of confidence that they will always be in control of their boat.

This independent control processor unit offers the following features:
• Seamless - changeover of control from normal operation to the backup system is done by simply flipping a switch
• Integrated - the same control head is used for both normal and back-up operations. There is no need to install a separate control panel for back-up operation
• Independence - backup control is completely independent of the primary control system. A malfunction in one system will have no effect on the other

During normal system operation, the control head communicates gear and throttle signals to the EEC Control Processor. The Control Processor sends these signals uninterrupted through the Back-Up Control Module to the engines' gear and throttle controls.
During back-up system operation, the control head communicates gear and throttle signals directly to the enabled Back-Up Control Module which transmits them to the engine(s), thus by-passing the Control Processor.

In addition to the EEC-3 or EEC-4 Control Processor, the following components comprise the Glendinning EEC Back-Up System:
• Back-Up Control Head - a special control head contains a dedicated potentiometer that controls the Back-Up Control Module
• Back-Up System Harnesses - pre-terminated connection harness simplifies installation
• Back-Up Control Module - the Back-Up Control Module includes the capability for controlling engine throttle and transmission

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