Glendinning Marine Smart Actuator I - with Mechanical Back-Up Option

Smart Actuator I - with Mechanical Back-Up Option

Mechanically Governed Engines

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Glendinning's Smart Actuator I™ is easy to install, more reliable in performance, and is perhaps the most feature-rich system in the industry. It can handle one, two, or three engines (inboard or outboard), plus engines that are mechanically controlled but with electronic transmissions.

Use these actuators with a Complete Controls™ control head for smooth-action single lever control, which provides combined direction (gear) and throttle control for each engine.

The electromechcanical actuators convert the electronic commands that are generated by the control head into specific positions at the engine gear, throttle and trolling valve.
The actuators are housed in rugged, corrosion resistant, aluminum enclosures that are sealed to eliminate problems which may be caused by exposure to the marine environment.
The actuator motor drive assembly uses precision ground steel gears and components that are manufactured to very precise tolerances.
Combined with a high frequency pulse width modulation input, the actuator is able to resolve a linear position of less than 0.010 inch very smoothly with no “steps.”

• Proven, very powerful actuator design
• Removable cover offers very “clean” look
• Suitable for single, dual or multiple engine applications
• CANbus connection to Control Head makes installation easy
• Automatic Synchronization capability
• Easy to follow calibration procedure
• 12 or 24 VDC models

Technical details...
• Choose among 7 different high idle speed settings
• Transmission can be locked in neutral
• Dual battery inputs - addresses critical need for any electronic engine control: battery power. Complete Controls include capability to receive power from 2 independent battery sources, ensuring uninterupted control system operation
• Selectable station control transfer
• Station lockout capability
• Dim or increase brightness of control head keypad lights for day/night operation
• Actuators equipped with the mechanical backup feature allow for the use of a separate, traditional, mechanical control head in the event of electrical system failure
• Required control cables are sold separately and vary by length, transmission type, and number of stations; please call for details
• Single engine installations will require a Starboard Actuator, DC Power Harness, and a Starboard Enable Harness (for a dash mounted system On/Off switch)
• Twin engine installations additionally need to add a Port Actuator, a Port Enable Harness, a second DC Power Harness and two tach senders
• Smart Actuator I units (11313-12-TMG-P or 11313-12-TMG-S) can be special ordered

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