Gastronorm GN1/2 Size SS Baking/Roasting Dishes - for Levante Stoves

Gastronorm GN1/2 Size SS Baking/Roasting Dishes - for Levante Stoves

GN1/2 - 12-3/4"W x 10-3/8"L • Available in Your Choice of Depths • Stainless Steel

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This full-width pan sits neatly in the GN1/2 Levante oven, as well as in the Gastronorm sinks. It is ideal for roasting meat, gratin, or lasagne. The pan is versatile, easy to clean, and will hold the wire trivet that came with your Levante Stove.

Gastronorm containers are an essential part of any professional kitchen and are the heart of the GN Espace galley system.

The Gastronorm (GN) system is based on standardized container dimensions starting with the largest size - GN 1/1. Smaller containers are sized as fractions of the largest size eg. GN 2/3, GN 1/2 or GN 1/4.
Available in a wide range of sizes, depths and finishes, all of the Gastronorm containers are fully compatible with the cookers and sinks offered in the GN Espace range —which are specifically sized to hold GN cookware securely and with no wasted space.

The Gastronorm system helps make cooking on-board easier by improving the work flow. Designed to survive in the toughest professional catering environment, GN dishes and containers are extremely robust, easy-to-clean and designed to be stackable when not being used to save space.

All GN Espace cookers and sinks are designed to hold a wide range of Gastronorm sized containers, so that you can prepare, cook and serve a wide range of menus practically and safely.
To further increase versatility and cooking efficiency, all GN Espace ovens are designed with two-level cooking.
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452279GNE 12020 12020Loading...GN1/2 Stainless Steel Pan - 3/4" (20mm) DeepLoading...
452278GNE 12040 12040Loading...GN1/2 Stainless Steel Pan - 1-1/2" (40mm) DeepLoading...
452277GNE 12065 12065Loading...GN1/2 Stainless Steel Pan - 2-1/2" (65mm) DeepLoading...
452276GNE 12100 12100Loading...GN1/2 Stainless Steel Pan - 4" (100mm) DeepLoading...
452275GNE 12150 12150Loading...GN1/2 Stainless Steel Pan - 6" (150mm) DeepLoading...
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