KIT F/SBV-3000-P
Bilge Pumping Kit for SBV Safety Seacock

Bronze Bilge Pumping Kit Using SBV Safety Seacock

Use Your Engine As An Emergency Bilge Pump
By: Groco

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This kit contains components to modify your existing engine cooling water intake, so your engine raw water pump can be used as an emergency, high flow, bilge pump.
This is accomplished by utilizing the side port on the SBV Safety Seacock to draw water from your bilge (instead of the ocean), in case of emergency flooding.

The Bilge Kits include an SBV-P threaded Safety Seacock (choose the same size as your existing engine intake thru-hull), an appropriate nipple, ball valve, hose barb, and bilge strainer with 90° hose barb. See illustration.
Note that the side port (emergency intake port) on all models is always 2-1/2".
You only need to supply the 2-1/2" hose and clamps and, of course, the connection to the seacock.

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