P-9000 Positive Displacement Rotary Pump

P-9000 Positive Displacement Rotary Pump

Twin-Chamber Rigid Impeller Pump
By: Groco

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The P-9000 is a self-priming pump capable of exceptional combined pressure and flow. Constructed of stainless steel, bronze and Teflon® or Delrin®, it is suitable for pumping nearly any non-flammable, non-explosive fluid with low solids content - water, oil, etc.
Twin, offset, rigid impellers, rotating in two separate chambers deliver a smooth flow, free of pulsation -- and at pressures more than twice those possible from flexible impeller or diaphragm pumps, and even most centrifugal and jet pumps. (Smooth flow because while one impeller is sucking, the other is pushing.) This is the pump used in Groco's well-known Paragon Junior and Senior Series.
The P-9000 comes in two versions:
• P-9000 has Teflon® impellers, can develop pressures up to 60 psi and flows up to 11 gpm. It can run dry for brief periods; maximum 1750 rpm. This pump is best suited for aqueous applications - fresh or salt water pumping, deck washdown, raw water supply for desalinators, etc.
• P-9000-1 (by special order) has Delrin® impellers, can develop pressures up to 100 psi and flows up to 8 gpm. It cannot be run dry; maximum 1750 rpm. This pump is best suited for petroleum applications - diesel fuel transfer, crankcase oil change, etc.
• Instantly reversible
• 3/4" NPT inlet and outlet
• Self-priming to 10 feet
• 1/2" stainless steel shaft requires an external drive, which can be supplied by direct drive (use #P-7005 coupling) or by belt and pulley
• Carbon-graphite bearings, neoprene shaft seal; pump requires no lubrication

A self-lubricating pump mechanism features twin offset Teflon impellers which can run dry for short periods without damage in the event of a temporary loss of system prime.

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