Digital SS Waterproof Switches - Dual-Function

Digital SS Waterproof Switches - Dual-Function

Rotating Guard Top | Winches, Windlasses, Furlers | Electric or Hydraulic Devices
By: Harken

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An industry first, the waterproof Digital System Switch features new Harken technology that sets the standard for the reliable operation of electrically powered yacht systems.
Each of these digital dual-function switches incorporates two finger-actuated controls, taking up half the deck space of similar single-function switches.

Available in either stainless steel or black polyamide resin, the covers on the switch rotate to expose the intuitive activation buttons —
• Choose 1st/2nd gear switch for winches
• Choose In/Out (Right/Left) switch for furling and bow or stern thrusters
• Chhose Up/Down switch for anchor windlassess
• When the cover is rotated to the Off position, both buttons show Off - instead of their symbol - and cannot be accidentally activated

To attain their outstanding reliability, several types of redundancies are built into each switch:
• The control buttons send on/off digital signals to the separate decoder module (included), rather than non-stop analog signals, preventing accidental system activation - even if system wiring is damaged
• The waterproof control button translates electrical information into a binary code that won’t allow the system to activate without the signals being verified by the separate decoder module (included). By contrast, an analog switch sends continuous electrical information directly to the powered device, which means damage to the wiring or water ingress could result in unintended activation
• The switch's decoder box (mounted next to the winch's control box) then sends an analog signal to the winch, activating it for as long as the switch button is held down
• Underneath each control button are two command switches which must both be activated simultaneously before a signal is sent - again, preventing the system from activating when no one has pressed the button

• Switches resist impact, wear, and abrasion
• Watertight seals are never exposed - even with the rotating cover in the ON position - eliminating seal damage caused by sun or prolonged use
• To make sail trim easy at night, control buttons feature high-contrast symbols and are backlit for around-the-clock visibility
• Switches can be mounted horizontally or vertically
• Easy to install - switch is either fastener or adhesive mounted and requires only a small hole for the wires; the decoder box is adhesive-backed and has color-coded wires

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