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System A - Slider Intermediate Battcar

22 mm Track • Typically Suits Monohulls 37-50 ft (11-15 m) and Multihulls 30-40 ft (9-12 m)
By: Harken

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System A components typically suit monohulls to 37-50 ft (11-15 m) and multihulls to 30-40 ft (9-12 m). Regardless of hull length, the maximum mainsail area for monohulls is 600 ft² (56 m²) and for multihulls it is 500 ft² (46 m²).

The System A Battcar system provides an easy-to-use smooth-rolling system, that allows you to hoist and reef the mainsail quickly and efficiently on all points of sail.

These one-piece solid aluminum cars are available in batten versions with a 10 mm threaded stud that fits a variety of batten receptacles, as well as intermediate versions for attaching the sail between battens.
Additionally, cars come in high load ball bearing (CB) versions typically used for batten bearing cars, and lower load Slider versions with low-friction plastic inserts typically used for intermediate cars (between battens).
The matching drill-free track mounts to most masts using a unique slug system that allows installation even with the mast raised.

The mainsail can be removed quickly and easily by freeing the screwpin endstop and sliding the cars and sail off the track. Stainless steel wire guides keep ball bearings captive when the cars are off the track.

• System A sliders are designed for monohulls with mainsails of less than 425 ft² (40m²) or multihulls with less than 350 ft² (32 m²)
• Harddkote-anodized aluminum cars slide on low-friction plastic inserts
• Sliders run on the same track as the CB ball bearing cars allowing future upgrades to ball bearing cars, if desired

Slider Cars or CB Ball Bearing Cars?
There are three possibilities for car selection when designing a Battcar System:
All CB System - All captive ball bearing components. This will be the lowest friction system where fast hoists, douses and reefs are a priority
Combination System - CB Headboard and Battcars (batten cars) with Slider intermediate cars. This reduces cost, but uses low-friction CB cars in the most critical load areas
All Slider System - All slider components. This will allow you to raise and lower sails without struggling by eliminating the possibility of the sail getting jammed in the groove. You will especially notice the difference when raising and lowering sails in windy conditions

Please refer to this comprehensive Battcar Systems Ordering Guide when selecting Battcar System Components.

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