Vertical Tank Vent Line Fuel Spill Guard
Vertical Fuel Spill Guard

Vertical Tank Vent Line Fuel Spill Guard

Compact Fuel Vent Spill Prevention System

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This is a compact version of the Herrington Fuel Spill Guard — only 3" wide, instead of 6"

The Fuel Spill Guard™ system can eliminate fuel vent spills into our waterways.
Most pleasure boats and commercial vessels, gas or diesel, have direct air venting from their fuel tanks to overboard.
As you fuel, air in the tank is pushed out via the tank vent hose, but when the tank gets full, fuel can also escape out this vent.
Even when not fuelling your boat, with near full tanks, fuel can escape through the tank vent on accerated take offs, in rough seas, and also on hot summer days when fuel expands.
The Fuel Spill Guard is installed in the vent hose between the fuel tank and the overboard fuel vent fitting.
As you fuel and the tank nears being full, fuel travels up the vent hose and enters the Fuel Spill Guard where a sensor activates the included deck mounted LED warning panel and a buzzer alarm.

• No more worries about fuel spill violations!
• No more messy cups, catch bottles, or fuel soaked rags while trying to catch excess vented fuel
• Eliminates fuel streak stains on your boat
• An obvious and easy way to protect waterways and the environment
• LED warning light and audible buzzer alert you when to stop fueling
• Designed for gas or diesel fuels
• Meets USCG regulations and is also ABYC compliant
• Optional Spill Guard Activation Panel; see Related Products, below

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