HyperVent Mattress Pads

Say Goodbye to Condensation, Mold & Mildew

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HyperVent is the most practical solution to prevent condensation and wetness from forming beneath mattresses and cushions on boats.

HyperVent is a 39" wide x 3/4" thick lightweight polymer mesh, which is bonded to a breatheable fabric layer.
It provides a non-compressible open air space under your mattress, allowing plenty of dry air to circulate. The circulating air carries water vapor molecules away, and minimizes the possibility of condensation forming.

With a little thought, you can find many other uses for HyperVent on your boat — as a strainer under bilge pump intakes, at the bottom of rope and foul weather gear lockers, and anywhere else you want to separate gear from underlying wetness.

• Semi-rigid structure elevates mattress and bedding (even with a heavy person) allowing nearly unobstructed air flow
• Easy to cut (scissors work fine)
• Easy to join pieces to create wider or custom shapes, using adhesive applied to an overlapped fabric flap
• Easy to clean and dry if washed (very durable, unaffected by common soaps, hot water or steam cleaning)
• Very light weight (4.3 oz per square yard)
• Easy to roll up or bend through tight passageways
• Outlasts the life of any mattress
• Unaffected by freezing temperatures (it maintains its strength and flexibility)
• Comes in 39" width, and uncut lengths up to 50 ft; sold by the running foot
Reviewed by1customer 
hypervent mattress pads, April 15, 2015
Spendy and a bit difficult to work with if you need to cut it down. HOWEVER, worth every bit of the trouble and the expense.
By dale roberts from Tacoma, WA
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