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Solid State Interface for Dimming Function

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i2Systems Dimming Modules provide seamless integration of their light fixtures to modern commercial and residential dimming systems. These units provide an interface between a light fixture and a user supplied dimming device (momentary switch, dimming switch, computer, etc.).
Using these dimming modules in high voltage systems, such as a commercial or residential building, will require a voltage converter.

• LL-101 Dimming Module - Dimmer for Apeiron, Ember, Profile, and Latitude fixtures. Dims up to 18 round fixtures, or 20 feet of lineal fixtures. 6 - 30 volt DC input. Normally open momentary switch interface - continuous holding cycles the dimming function: low - high - low - high

• LL-105 Dimming Module - Dimmer for Apeiron, Ember, Profile, and Latitude, Element, and S-Line fixtures. Dims up to 50 round fixtures, or 50 feet of lineal fixtures. 12/24V AC/DC input. Can detect 5 dimming inputs: normally open momentary switch, 0 to 10V source (dimmer switch), 0 to 10V sink (dimmer switch), PWM normal/PWM invert digital computer or dimming panel source
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