Compact Self-Pumping Water Cooled Refrigeration Unit

Compact Self-Pumping Water Cooled Refrigeration Unit

Seawater Cooled - Self-Pumping

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The Isotherm SP modular refrigeration system is cooled directly by the surrounding seawater and utilizes a unique "self-pumping" 1-1/4" bronze thru-hull with integral connection fittings.
The system utilzes slight motions of the boat to circulate cooling water across a heat exchanger. This means that refrigeration efficiency is completely independent of the air temperature inside the boat. The SP has given users all over the world the ability to add refrigeration at extremely low energy-cost, regardless of geographical location.

The SP Refrigeration Unit uses a Danfoss Compressor to cool an evaporator fitted in your refrigerator box. The evaporator can be fitted in any position, and requires an installation opening of only 1-3/16" in the refrigerator wall.
The temperature is adjusted by a thermostat which also has an ON-OFF switch.
These units provide refrigerator capability with temperatures down to 36°F.

• Evaporator: O-shaped or L-shaped (can be bent to fit)
• All units come as complete pre-filled "do it yourself" kits
• Sea water cooling for significantly higher efficiency than comparable air cooled units (in the tropics, 30 to 50% energy savings is typical)
• Lower power consumption (amperage shown is with unit filled to one half capacity)
• Silent - no fans or pumps
• Heat removed by water means less heat inside the boat than if cooled by air
• Simple to fit with no extra holes in hull; replaces the through-hull fitting for galley sink
• Weight for all systems is 24 lb
• Dimensions for all compressors: 8.25"L x 5.31"W x 6.13"H

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