Flex N Lite LED Lighting Strip

Flex N Lite LED Lighting Strip- 24", Amber

Can be Cut to Any Length • Pieces Can Be Connected for a Maximum 48" Length

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Boats and RVs are filled with irregular, hard-to-light spaces. Innovative Lighting's Flex-N-Lite LED Lighting Strips add visibility almost anywhere.

Basically a string of LEDs on a long, thin, flexible strip, the Flex-N-Lite LED Lighting Strip bends to illuminate curved surfaces. It can also be cut to fit spaces as small as 2". The versatile lighting strip brightens steps, coves and shelves and, with a height of only 3/8", can be easily hidden by molding and rails.
Ambient lighting is provided in a range of colors with a choice of Amber, Blue, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Teal or White LEDs.

Mounted on flexible circuit board, each 24" Flex N Lite strip contains 39 LEDs and 13 power cable connector sockets. One strip can be cut into as many as 13 sections, indicated with scissors icons, so there is no wasted material. The 1/2" wide lighting strips can be installed using the 3M™ self-adhesive backing, or they can be screwed down (fastener locations are provided).

The waterproof Flex-N-Lite LED Lighting Strips can be used indoors or outdoors.
Each strip comes with a 16" power wire which has a plug at one end that inserts into one of the sockets on the strip, and bare wires at the other end to connect to your 12 volt system. There is a socket for the power wire at every 3rd LED position.
For linking cut sections of Flex-N-Lite, or two strips together (48" maximum total length), various length power jumper wires are available. They have a plug at each end that inserts into any power socket on the strip.
• For indoor or outdoor use
• Boats, motorcycles, courtesy lighting, under cabinet lighting, etc.
• Can be cut to fit
• Operates on 9-16 Volt DC systems
• Low amp draw - 310 - 670 mA, depending on the color
• Rated @ 100,000 hours of service life
• Cool to the touch
• Strong adhesive backing - no fasteners needed
• Very low profile: 24"L x 3/8"W x 3/8"H

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