Type A Wireless Steering System - for Autopilots
Type A

Type A Wireless Steering System - for Autopilots

For Boats w/Existing Autopilot

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Add wireless steering to your boat equipped with an autopilot! IntelliSteer Wireless Controllers free you from the need to hand steer your boat from the helm. IntelliSteer provides wireless jog steering via a handheld pendant from anywhere on the boat - even below decks.

This Type A IntelliSteer System adds wireless steering to your boat by electronically interfacing with an existing autopilot's drive unit.
It doesn't matter if the autopilot course computer is operational. As long as the drive unit is functional, the Type A IntelliSteer can control it. There is no need to buy an additional drive - the Type A uses the steering drive you already have on the autopilot - resulting in substantial savings for you.
When the IntelliSteer Wireless Controller is steering it will disconnect the autopilot "Auto" function via a clutch bypass and provide wireless control from anywhere on the boat.
When the IntelliSteer Wireless Controller is not steering, the Autopilot will function as before.

If desired, a second Wireless Controller Pendant can be added to the system. It can be "paired" to your existing receiver in the field.

If you do not have an autopilot installed, there are other IntelliSteer systems which bundle an IntelliSteer Wireless Controller with a specially designed steering drive unit.
These include:
IntelliSteer Type R - provides remote steering for kicker or smaller primary outboards
IntelliSteer Type S - provides a helm replacement for remote steering of boats with traditional wheel steering via a cable to the outboard or sterndrive
IntelliSteer Type T - provides a helm replacement for remote steering of cable steered boats that have a tilt steering helm
IntelliSteer Type H - provides remote steering for hydraulically steered boats
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Click here for an informative overview of IntelliSteer wireless steering controls.

Watch an informative 2 minute video demonstrating the types of IntelliSteer systems and how they can work for you.

Type A System features...
• Steer, fish and cruise - from anywhere on the boat
• Wireless Steering in the palm of your hand without any wires or cables
• For use with 12 volt systems
• Motor drive capability up to 25A
• Power saver auto-shutoff of all components in 30 minutes if no usage
• Pendant is water resistant; receiver/controller is waterproof
• Easy DIY installation - no need to hire a professional installer
• Overload protected
• Reverse polarity protected
• Meets FCC, CE, and BS EN 60945:2002 EMC standards
• 2-year limited warranty

The "black box" IntelliSteer Wireless Controller is designed to be used with any reversing steering drive unit requiring less than 25A peak operating current, whether mechanical or hydraulic.
While IntelliSteer can be integrated with an autopilot that has a functional Course Computer, it does not require one to operate. To steer the boat, all the Type A Intellisteer needs is access to a functional stand-alone autopilot drive unit.
The IntelliSteer is not suitable for use with "all in one" cockpit autopilots with a combination course computer/drive unit, as it needs direct access to the drive unit.
It is also not suitable for use on boats with a positive ground system.
NOTE — Do not install this unit on vessels whose top speed exceeds 40 mph, or whose engine exceeds the size recommended by the hull manufacturer.

What's in the box —
Remote Control Wireless Pendant with (2) AAA batteries
IntelliSteer Wireless Receiver & Motor Controller
Pendant lanyard
Assorted wire crimp butt connectors
Inline fuse holder with 25A fuse
Mounting screws

Click here to read the Type A User Manual with additional information and technical data about this product.

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