Fiberglass Bottomkote NT

Fiberglass Bottomkote NT - Ablative Antifouling Paint

Durable Coating • Single Season Protection

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Value-oriented Fiberglass Bottomkote NT (New Technology) is formulated with a unique, dual resin technology that allows a boat owner to benefit from the advantages of both hard and ablative antifouling paints.
Fiberglass Bottomkote NT has the durability of a traditional hard paint, preventing premature wear-through and allowing it to be used on higher speed planing hulls.
At the same time, NT has a built-in slow polishing mechanism that keeps the hull clean and smooth and also slows the heavy paint build-up you can get year after year with a traditional hard antifouling paint. Its ablative characteristics require surface erosion to be most effective, meaning that Fiberglass Bottomkote NT works best on boats that are used on a regular basis.

• Single season protection in low fouling cooler waters
• Fast drying - paint and launch the same day
• Suitable for both power and sailboats
• Cuprous oxide biocide (25%)
• Not for use on aluminum hulls
• Durable coat, yet minimizes build-up
• Haul and relaunch without repainting (60 days max.)
• Suitable for use on high speed boats (apply an extra coat)
• Thinner for brush (Brush-Ease 433) or spray (Special Thinner 216)
• Theoretical coverage is 400 ft²/gallon; 2 - 3 coats recommended, 3 on bare wood; 50% solids (vol.)

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