Micron® 66

Micron 66 - Ablative Antifouling Paint

Formulated for Use in Saltwater Only • Interlux's Top-of-the-Line Antifouling Paint

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Micron 66 is Interlux's top-of-the-line bottom paint, and also the top of the Micron range of paints.
Micron® 66 with Biolux® slime fighter is a long lasting, true self-polishing copolymer (SPC) antifouling that delivers the same outstanding level of long-lasting protection as, now illegal, TBT (tri-butyl tin) antifoulings - but without the negative environmental impact of tin.
Utilizing a unique surface chemistry to control the release of biocides, Micron 66 is one of the few ablative bottom paints that provides true, constant protection — even during long periods of inactivity. This makes it the perfect bottom paint for boats that spend most of their time at the dock — like yours.

Better protection with less copper. You might be surprised to learn that although Micron 66 may contain a lower concentration of copper than some traditional bottom paints, it uses that copper much more efficiently to provide even better performance.

Old technology bottom paints cannot match the service life of Micron 66 because they release copper biocides - and start losing effectiveness - right from the very first day of service.
In contrast, the unique synthetic resin binder system of Micron 66 chemically reacts with saltwater to provide constant, but controlled release of biocides throughout the entire life of the antifouling - without decline. This means the boat will be fully protected from fouling build-up even when stationary for prolonged periods.
This mechanism is very different different from other "self-polishing" ablative paints - even those from Interlux - which require physical movement through the water to maintain their surface activity, and thus, are not as well suited for stationary boats.

Along with its unique surface chemistry, Micron 66 offers superior protection against all types of fouling — from slime and algae, to weed and shell fouling. This is because it contains advanced Biolux SPC biocides that are far superior to those used in TBT antifoulings.

Like all of Interlux's Micron series of ablative paints, Micron 66 self-polishes. Unlike the so-called self-polishing paints from other manufacturers, Micron paints slowly wear away with use in particularly small particles - leaving a much finer, smoother surface than competing antifouling paints. This results in reduced drag and lower fuel consumption, while also reducing paint buildup and the need to sand with repeated applications.

Micron 66 is one of the very best bottom paints available for saltwater boats. Its superior protection and longer service life easily make up for its higher initial cost because it goes for longer periods between expensive haul out and paint jobs, and typically eliminates the need for periodic diving maintenance. Do the math. This paint will save you money over its service life.

• Outstanding antifouling performance in the harshest tropical fouling conditions — for periods of 2 years and beyond
• Maximum protection even during stationary periods at the dock or mooring
• For saltwater use only
• More coats provides longer lasting protection (you can apply as many as 5 coats)
• Contains cuprous oxide (40%) and zinc pyrithione (3.8%) biocides
• Can be hauled and relaunched without recoating
• Do not use in fresh or brackish water; must be used in saltwater to activate the coating
• Suitable for use below the waterline on fiberglass, wood, and properly primed steel hulls
• Do not use on aluminum hulls
• Replaces Micron 44
• Apply with brush, 3/8" nap solvent resistant roller or spray
• Thinner: Special Thinner 216 or Brush-Ease 433
• Theoretical coverage is 320 ft²/gallon; at least 2 - 3 coats recommended, apply extra to leading edges; 40% solids (vol.)

Heavy on the technical side...

Micron 66's unique chemistry requires launching the vessel within 60 days of application.
However, once launched (and the paint activated), the vessel may be removed from the water for an unlimited period of time. If the vessel is out of the water for more than 60 days give it a scrub or light power washing, to remove oxidation and help re-activate the surface, before putting it back in the water.

Micron 66 does not contain organotin biocides and complies with the IMO Systems Convention (AFS/CONF/26) Lloyd’s Register Certificate No: MNDE/2002/1213. Allows commercial vessels freedom of movement worldwide.

If applying Micron 66 over a bottom paint containing TBT (Tributyl tin) first apply Primocon Primer as a tie-coat.

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