Micron® Extra with Biolux®

Micron Extra with Biolux - Ablative Antifouling Paint

Multi-Season Copolymer Antifouling Paint with Dual Biocides

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The "Extra" in Micron Extra refers to the addition of the effective slime and weed fighting biocide Irgarol to its formula.
A multi-season copolymer antifouling paint, Micron Extra also contains cuprous oxide (38.6%) to control shell fouling such as barnacles and zebra mussels.
Like all ablative antifouling paints, Micron Extra works best on boats that move. Like a bar of soap, ablative paints depend on moving water to erode the surface, exposing fresh biocide.

However, the unique copolymer resin binder technology in Interlux's Micron family of antifouling paints, causes Micron Extra to wear away at a more controlled rate than other ablatives. This consistently produces the target biocide level at the surface of the paint over a longer period - allowing the paint to use lower amounts of (expensive) copper than old-fashioned, hard, high-copper paints without sacrificing any effectiveness.
The erosion process also polishes the surface and reduces paint build-up over time - reducing friction and improving fuel efficiency.

• Excellent suitability for high fouling areas
• Sophisticated Micron family synthetic resin binders control the release of biocides so they last the lifetime of the paint - if there's any paint there, you know it's working
• Dual biocides cuprous oxide (38.6%) and Biolux (Irgarol 2%) control barnacles and slime
• Multi-season, self polishing, no build-up
• Suitable for use on all boats in all waters and can be hauled and re-launched without repainting
• For use on fiberglass, wood, and primed underwater metals (except aluminum)
• Suitable for use on high-speed boats
• Apply by brush, 3/8" nap solvent-resistant roller, or spray
• Thinner for brush: 433 Brush-Ease; spray: Special Thinner 216
• Theoretical coverage is 440 ft²/gallon; at least 2 - 3 coats recommended, 3 on bare wood; 61% solids (vol.)

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