Ultra-Kote Long-Lasting Hard Antifouling
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Ultra-Kote Long-Lasting Hard Antifouling

Multi-Season • High Copper Antifouling

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Ultra-Kote provides excellent long-term antifouling protection for medium to high fouling areas. Ultra-Kote is a hard, durable, fast dry, scrubbable finish with excellent color stability. In addition Ultra-Kote is a low Volatile Organic Content formulation which limits solvent emissions into the atmosphere.

High copper loading makes this paint ideal for heavy fouling warmer and tropical waters. This fast-overcoat, fast-launch formula exhibits excellent color stability.
May be used on fiberglass, wood or primed steel. May be applied over antifouling paint in good condition.

• Proven performance and long-term protection – for medium to high fouling areas at an attractive price
• 57% cuprous oxide content
• Durable finish – scrubbable finish with excellent color stability and excellent film build prevents wear through
• Low VOCs – limits solvent emissions during application as well as into the atmosphere
• Boatyard friendly and flexible application choices – compatible with most other antifoulings and perfect for brush/roller and airless spray methods
• Suitable for use on power and sail boats in all waters
• Fast drying
• Suitable for high-speed boats
• Apply using brush, 3/8" nap solvent resistant roller, or spray
• Thinner: Brush-Ease 433; Special Thinner 216
• Theoretical coverage is 506 ft²/gallon; 2 coats recommended, 3 on bare wood; 63% solids (vol.)

Unlike its previous version (Ultra), Ultra-Kote does not contain Irgarol, which due to a worldwide shortage is not available as an ingredient. However, Interlux has formulated Ultra-Kote to provide similar protection.

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