Ionyx T2 Metal & Concrete Coat - Satin

Ionyx T2 Metal & Concrete Coat - Satin

Reduces Surface Oxidation By More Than 98% • Extends Metal's Durability

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Ionyx Satin Metal & Concrete Coat is a one-part, quartz-based, clear coating for all metal, concrete and masonry surfaces.
It creates an integral, long-lasting, peel and flake resistant barrier surface which provides superior protection from rust and oxidation, moisture, corrosion, salt spray, acid rain, and UV damage, as well as damage from mildew, animal and bird waste, and graffiti.
Metal Coat also reduces dirt adhesion, ice buildup, and wind drag on metal surfaces.

Natural and industrial elements attack metal surfaces constantly. Traditional coating methods are minimally effective and rely on adhesive bonds that bubble, then peel and flake.
Ionyx's patented Metal Coat represents a breakthrough in molecular science, resulting in this unique strong-bonding protective coating. The coating doesn't just adhere to, and sit on, the surface like paint. Instead, through strong covalent bonds it, essentially, becomes one with the substrate — filling nano-scale pits and voids to form an entirely new, clear surface with unparalleled resistance to moisture, corrosion, and oxidation.
Metal Coat provides extremely consistent coverage and years of no flake, no peel protection that outlasts and outperforms any traditional paint coating.

• Protects metal from oxidation, cracking and discoloration for years.
• Penetrates into the surface of concrete materials protecting them from cracking and environmental degradation. It provides a durable, easy-to-clean surface protected against salt damage, food and beverage stains and graffitti. Restores color lost due to UV damage and provides long-lasting UV protection.

• Apply using spray, roller, brush or dipping methods
• Quick-dry
• Requires a single coat in most cases, saving on labor and maintenance costs
• Wipes or rinses clean, without harsh chemicals
• Less than 100 gm/liter VOCs
• Theoretical coverage: Metal - 660-800 sq ft/gal; Concrete - 400-600 sq ft/gal depending on the porosity and texture of the substrate
• Cleanup: Clean with acetone before the coating dries. Once dry, tools and other items cannot be cleaned with acetone or any other solvent.

Works on —
• Iron
• Steel (including stainless and galvanized)
• Aluminum
• Copper
• Bronze
• Powder coated metals
• Painted and primed metals
• Concrete, unglaszrd brick, cement blocks, concrete floors and pavers

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Ionyx Coatings are available in two formulations. Fisheries sells the non-hazmat, Low VOC, methyl acetate formulations of these products. Ionyx recommends the use of OSHA approved respiratory and eyewear protection with their products. Wear gloves and ensure an adequate supply of fresh air.
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