Ionyx T4 Bottom Coat - Part A

Ionyx T4 Bottom Coat - Part A

Two-Part System • Reduced Friction Foul Release • Increased Fuel Economy • Less Maintenance Costs

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Imagine... a product that works just like an antifouling but contains no pesticides or poisons. Ionyx ultra slick Bottom Coat (formerly Marine & Hull Coat) does just that. It’s simply too smooth and slippery for marine growth to adhere.

Bottom Coat is a 2-part, foul-release coating of extremely hard quartz nano-particles which fill the microscopic pores in every substrate surface, producing a hard, extremely smooth surface which deters the attachment of barnacles and mussels as well as most marine grasses to fiberglass, aluminum and painted hulls, primed steel, underwater metal running gear, and concrete.
It prevents hull fouling - with its associated drag, increases speed and fuel economy, and - most importantly - saves you money.

In addition to protecting steel, aluminum, and composite hulls, underwater running gear - including propellers, shafts, struts, strainers and stabilizers, Ionyx Bottom Coat chemical bonding system can be used to protect docks, bridges, concrete dams, spillway gates, and aqueducts, concrete holding ponds, and oil rigs. It has also been tested and approved for use in fish hatcheries.

Unlike paints and other coatings which simply adhere mechanically to the surface, Ionyx Bottom Coat forms much stronger, covalent chemical bonds directly with the hull material — actually integrating itself into the hull's molecular structure. This produces a very hard, long-lasting, water-repelling, poreless surface that fouling organisms simply can't stick to.

An additional, yet extremely significant, benefit when applied to metals - above or below the waterline - is that the very thin Bottom Coat gets into and completely seals existing microscopic crevices and pores in the surface of the metal.
This eliminates the sites where, studies have shown, moisture diffuses in and the corrosion process begins. Bottom Coat stops the corrosion process before it can start.
In contrast, even properly prepared and painted metal surfaces will eventually rust and corrode. The much thicker paint coatings simply trap incipient microscopic corrosion sites under the surface without filling them - making corrosion inevitable.

Bottom Coat is a two-part system — the Bottom Coat Base + Ionyx Catalyst are mixed in a 1:1 ratio. Be sure to buy each component.

Extraordinary Benefits —
• Covalent bond for superior adhesion to the hull
• Fills existing micro-pores in hull to prevent corrosion as well as attachment of bio-fouling organisms
• Significantly reduces fouling drag
• Demonstrated 5 - 8% fuel savings with every tank of fuel
• More speed at lower RPM
• Forms a hard, but flexible, non-toxic surface
• Abrasion resistance beyond granite
• Low maintenance - self-cleaning; no need for scraping, harsh cleaners, high-pressure washers or diver maintenance
• Long-lasting - reduces the need for costly haul-outs
• Extends the service life of whatever it is applied to
• Works on virtually any hull material - fiberglass, metals, concrete; however do not use on wood hulls
• Steel substrates must be primed, and concrete substrates must be sealed; see Related Products
• Works well on underwater metal parts such as props and struts - but Ionyx Prop Coat contains special additives for even better performance in these applications; see Related Products
• Lightens the load — half the weight of other coatings
• Meets Washington State's future "no copper antifouling" requirements
• UV resistant - can be used above the waterline and in land-based applications

Extraordinary Durability —
• Extremely hard, nano-particle quartz structure doesn't adhere - it bonds to the hull - becomes part of the hull's surface
• Unparalleled durability and resistance to abrasion - harder than granite
• Protection lasts for years - 5 year limited warranty
• Extreme resistance to wear - even at very high speeds
• Extreme resistance to corrosion
• UV and stain resistant

Green and Clean —
• Safe for marine life and the ecosystem
• Dries to a non-toxic, non-leaching surface
• Free of pesticides or biocides
• Free of heavy metals
• Solvent based, but low VOC - less than 100gm/liter
• Exceeds the most stringent air-quality control standards in the US
• Non-Carcinogenic - meets California Prop 65 Carcinogen-Free Standards
• 100% compliant with current State & Federal EPA mandates

Application —
Note - this product must be mixed in a 1:1 ratio with its Part B Catalyst
• Can be applied at temperatures between 45°F and 105°F
• Easy application with brush, 1/4" nap or dense/smooth foam roller, or spray
• Very low viscosity - thinner than water
• Theoretical coverage is 500 - 800 sq ft per mixed gallon; two coats required
• Coverage varies with porosity and texture of the substrate
Air dries - no special facilities needed for curing; can be applied outdoors
• Dries to a clear coating
• Dried film is very thin:   1.2 - 1.8 mils
• Clean spills and tools with acetone before it sets

Dry times (@ 77°F and 50% relative humidity)
• Mixed pot life is 3 hours if covered
• Recoat 10 - 15 minutes after first coat while still tacky; otherwise sand between coats
• Dry to touch: 2 - 3 hours
• Safe to handle: 3 - 5 hours
• Time to launch: 48 hours
• Full cure: 7 days

Click here for a Summary of Bottom Coat's extraordinary benefits, and here for additional information, technical data, and application instructions for this product.

Click here for the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for this product.

Ionyx Coatings are available in two formulations. Fisheries sells the non-hazmat, Low VOC, methyl acetate formulations of these products. Ionyx recommends the use of OSHA approved respiratory and eyewear protection when applying their products. Wear gloves and ensure an adequate supply of fresh air.
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