Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters
Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters
Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters
Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters
Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters
Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters
Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters
Basic Electric/Engine Water Heaters

Isotherm Basic Electric & Engine Water Heaters

Stainless steel | Extra-thick insulation | Extra-long corrugated coils

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Isotemp water heaters are specifically designed for marine installations. Very robust, both the water tank and external cylinder are made of stainless steel, and they feature an innovative internal design. High heating efficiency is achieved by positioning the engine heat exchanger and the electric heating element in the lowest part of the tank where the water is coldest. The water inlet and outlet are specially designed to minimize the mixture of cold and hot water. The Isotemp Slim is especially well suited for narrow spaces, for example, under a berth in a sailing yacht.
• Extra long, corrugated coils for high heat exchange surface area and efficiency
• Special 7.0 bar/100 psi safety valve; simple winter drain
• Extra-thick expanded polyurethane insulation for lowest heat loss
• Come standard with the innovative Isotemp Temperature Control Safety Mixing Valve which protects users from scalding hot water
• Immersion heating element available in 750,1200, 2000, 3000W as an option
• The element (230 or 115 volt /750 watt), is made of copper covered by nickel
• Engine water heat exchanger coil is extra long for faster heating, especially good for sailing yachts
• Double overheat safety thermostat with mixing valve
• Service thermostat set to keep the water above 70°C, to prevent risk of bacterial growth
• Stainless steel mounting feet can rotate 360°, for optional bulkhead installation
• Water connections outside thread is 1/2"
• 115 volts AC, 6.25 amps, 750 watts
• Includes power cable with EU-plug
• Highest quality in material (AISI 316) and welding, 2-year full warranty and 5-year limited warranty on the tank
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158620ISO 602421B000003 602421B000003Loading...Basic 24 Electric/Engine Water Heater, 6.4 Gallons, 115 VLoading...
158621ISO 603023B000003 603023B000003Loading...Basic 30 Electric/Engine Water Heater, 8.0 Gallons, 115 VLoading...
214564ISO 604021B000003 604021B000003Loading...Basic 40 Electric/Engine Water Heater, 11 Gallons, 115 VLoading...
217514ISO 604023BD00003 604023BD00003Loading...Basic 40 Electric/Engine Water Heater, 11 Gallons, 115V (Dual Exchanger) Loading...
193690ISO 604031BD00003 604031BD00003Loading...Basic 40 Electric/Engine Water Heater, 11 Gallons, 230 VLoading...
158623ISO 605021B000003 605021B000003Loading...Basic 50 Electric/Engine Water Heater, 13.0 Gallons, 115 VLoading...
158624ISO 607521B000003 607521B000003Loading...Basic 75 Electric/Engine Water Heater, 20.0 Gallons, 115 VLoading...
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