Cruise 130 SS AC DC Refrigerator Freezer

Cruise 130 SS AC DC Refrigerator Freezer

4.6 cu ft,130 liters | Built-in

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A traditonal, large 4.6 cu ft (130 liters) under-cabinet fridge with freezer compartment, two adjustable shelves with opening hatches to accommodate tall bottles, a crisper and a vegetable bin. Deep door with three shelves can hold tall bottles. It is equipped with an interior light, 4-sided mounting flange, and a fan cooled compressor.

Available with ASU - Automatic Start Up. The ASU system always starts the compressor when the engine is running and alternator power is "free" to chill the holding plate completely. The energy stored in the holding plate will keep the refrigerator cool for many hours. When the engine is stopped, the compressor will not restart until the energy stored in the cold plate is all but consumed. Only then will the compressor start to run, on battery power, for short periods to maintain the required temperature in the box, until the next time the engine is run.

• ASU micro-processor regulates compressor speed for maximum cooling/power consumption efficiency
• Power consumption at 12 volts, in amps (average/max): 1.2/5.0 (with ASU and 1 hr motoring per day: 0.9/5.0)
• Secop (Danfoss) compressor: BD35F
• Freezer volume: 1.6 gal (21° F)
• Cut-out dimensions: 29.31"H x 20.75"W x 19.94"D
• Weight: 60 lb
• 4-sided mounting flange extends 13/16" beyond the cutout on each side

Heavy on the technical side...
Electrical Power Sources
Indel's Isotherm refrigerators feature Secop (formerly Danfoss) compressor units, which come equipped with an electronic control module on rhe side. These modules are rated for either a DC Only power source, or for AC/DC power sources.

DC Only modules - see Related Products, below run on nominal 12 or 24 volts and have red and black wire leads which connect to the positive and negative terminals of your boat's batteries. A 15A ATC fuse for 12 volt systems (use 7.5A for 24 volts) and an ATC fuse holder are included.
If an on/off switch is wired into the circuit, it should be rated for a minimum of 20 Amps.

AC/DC modules - featured in this entry run on 12/24 volts DC and include wire leads, as above. They can also run on nominal 100 - 240 volts AC at 50 or 60 Hz. These AC/DC modules have two additional spade-style AC terminals for connecting the included 115 volt AC power cord (which has two-push-on connectors at the refrigerator end, and a two-prong plug at the power source end).

If you want to run the refrigerator on European 230 volt or US 240 volt systems, you will need to provide your own power cord with a mains power plug which complies with applicable electrical safety regulations.
Note - Due to the double insulated design of the electronic unit, no earth connection is needed.

AC and DC power supplies can be connected to the electronic module at the same time. AC will be the preferred power supply source when both AC and DC power are available.

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