Digital Tank Management System

Digital Waste Tank Management System

Easy to Install
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Digital holding tank management system is easy to install and offers a full range of convenient features to monitor and manage waste.

Level Indication: Pressing the level indication button will illuminate the current level of the tank for one minute. An indicator light will automatically flash if the tank is full and should be emptied.

Sleep Mode: Activating the sleep mode will stop the panel from flashing when the tank is full. If the waste level increases or the power is interrupted to the unit, the control panel will resume flashing. The control panel will not enter sleep mode if the tank is more than 7/8 full of fluid/waste.

Empty Button: To eliminate the possibility of accidental operation, you must press and hold the button for a full 3 seconds to activate the pump to empty the tank.

Averaging: Two different level methods are utilized in sensing the fluid level - one when filling and another when emptying. This compensates for the boat's movement, and allows for more accurate readings.

Fail Safe Feature: If no fluid movement is sensed 20 seconds after the pump is activated, the pump will stop running to protect from damage, and the fault LED on the indicator panel will flash.

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