Quiet-Flush Electric Toilet

Quiet-Flush Electric Toilet

Fresh or Raw Water Flush Models • 12 or 24 Volts
By: Jabsco

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The Quiet Flush toilet provides both quiet operation (similar to a domestic toilet), and user control of water levels in the bowl.

The 37045 Series toilets utilize your choice of any existing on-board pressurized water system for the bowl rinsing water supply. The pressurized system must supply at least 3.5 gpm of flow and should normally remain on.
The rinse water is controlled by an electric solenoid valve, and the bowl is evacuated by a powerful macerator discharge pump.
An included anti-siphon breaker prevents contamination when plumbed to the vessel's potable water supply.

The 37245 Series toilets are for vessels without a pressurized water system on board, or where raw water flushing with a dedicated pump is desired.
They are supplied with a raw water Par-Max pressure pump and strainer, instead of a solenoid valve.

The toilet includes a multi-function control panel which allows the operator to select between a normal flush cycle, controlled by a single push button switch, or a bowl-fill and bowl-empty function, controlled by a double throw rocker switch. This allows for minimizing water use, when desired, as well as a means of raising the water level in the bowl for user comfort.
It also allows for complete evacuation of the bowl while underway in rough sea conditions.

• High capacity waste macerator/discharge pump (1" outlet, with adapter for 1-1/2" hose)
• Compact (Marine) or Household (Regular) style bowl
• Available in 12 or 24 volt models
• Dimensions, marine bowl: 13-1/8"W x 13-7/8"H x 16-1/2"Deep
• Dimensions, household bowl: 14-3/4"W x 14-1/8"H x 19-3/4"Deep

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