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Replacement Touch Pad Control Kit - for Deluxe Flush Toilet

By: Jabsco

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This kit is sold as a replacement for the control panel supplied with your Jabsco Deluxe Flush Toilet, in the event that the original panel is somehow damaged.

Deluxe Flush toilets feature a multi-function 'one touch' control pad offering four options — 'Fill', 'Quick Flush', 'Flush', or 'Empty'.
In addition, the owner can set the control at any time so that the bowl is left either 'Dry' or 'Wet' after flushing. The recommended 'Dry' setting minimizes total water usage. If water usage is not a concern, the 'Wet' setting automatically adds 1 quart (1 litre) of water after flushing, ready for the next user.

Simultaneously holding down both 'Quick Flush' and 'Flush' buttons for 5 seconds switches between bowl always left 'Dry' and bowl always left 'Wet' modes.
'Fill' may be touched when the bowl is 'Dry' to add 1 quart (1 litre) of water before use, if thought necessary.

• 'Quick Flush' first rinses and then empties the bowl after light use. On 'Dry' setting, this uses less than 1 quart (1 litre) of water.
• 'Flush' rinses and empties the bowl twice after heavy use. If the bowl is 'Dry', touching 'Fill' first is recommended. This uses just 2.5 quarts (2.5 litres) of water.
• 'Empty' does exactly what it says without adding any water, whenever desired. Even when the bowl is apparently 'dry', there is an anti-odour water lock in the pump housing.

This kit includes: control box electronics module, heat shrink sleeve for control cable, panel face plate, panel trim plate, and panel adapter plate.

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