Life Float - Painter with Cage and Float-Free Wire Link

Use with Life Floats and Buoyant Apparatus Rafts • Complies with U.S.C.G.

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These painters attach one of Jim-Buoy's Life Floats or Buoyant Apparatus rafts to its ship.
Should the ship sink, and the water is shallow (less than the 100 ft length of the painter), the raft is mounted so as to float free of the ship, but still stay attached to it by this painter — thus keeping the raft near the ship so survivors can board the raft.
If the water is deep, however, the included break-away wire link allows the raft to separate from the ship and pop to the surface. (The wire link is attached between the end of the painter and the ship and is broken by the buoyancy of the raft should it be pulled under the water.)

Since different sizes of rafts have different amounts of buoyancy, the wire links come in (three) different strengths. The wire links (and these painter kits) are available in 6-10 man, 11-20 man and 21 or more man sizes.

Each unit contains 1 stainless steel cage, 100 ft of black 5/16" polypropylene rope (1,600 lb test) and an appropriately sized wire link (not shown in main image).
All wire links are tagged to identify the size of the raft for which it is legal.
The painter ends are tagged as to their use.

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