Lok-On Rope Floats
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Lok-On-Rope Floats

PVC Foam • Can Be Secured in Position Along a Line

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These floats are used to mark off areas in the water - such as swimming lanes in a pool. They come in three sizes from 3" x 5" up to 8" x 14", sized for ropes from 3/8" to 7/8" in diameter.

Rugged construction - combines a leak-proof, tough outer shell with solid foam - filled inner floatation that is practically indestructible!
Brilliant choice of colors. Ultraviolet inhibited colors are compounded into the outer shell for longest life!

How to use Lok-On-Rope-Floats
To keep the float from moving along the rope, secure each one with a Jim Buoy Rope-Lok; see Accessory Products, below.
Place a Rope-Lok on the rope where you want the float to be positioned. The Rope-Lok has small teeth on the back side which dig into the rope, keeping it in place.
Now slide a Lok-On-Rope Float along the line and over the Rope-Lok until the locking features engage - you will hear a small "click".
At this point, the float is permanently located in place on the rope.
Repeat for the next float, and so on....

Rope-Loks come in different sizes for each size of Lok-On-Rope-Float. Make sure you purchase matching sets.
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