Regulatory Buoy 427R

Regulatory Buoy 427R - 40" Height Above Waterline

Provides Outstanding Visibility • Large Selection of Decal Labels • Marker Buoy

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This 427 Regulatory Buoy rises 40" above the water line.
• Designed to float upright with a required 35-40 lb of chain or equivalent weight attached
• 1/2" galvanized steel anchor eye bolt
• Reinforced concrete internal ballast in base, but stiil requires the weight of the chain
• Long-lasting, high-density polyethylene shell
• Adaptable to a lighted buoy
• Base diameter is 21", total height is 45"; note that the image does not show accurate proportions

Can be ordered with any of 200 different vinyl decal daymarks, including:
• Controlled Area-Slow 5 MPH, No Wake, Idle Speed or Slow No Wave
• Exclusion Area-Keep Out, No Boats, No Swimming, Swim Area, Ski Area, Dam, Fishing, No Fishing, No Skiing
• Danger-Hazard-Reef, Danger, Rocks, Stump, Hazard, Shoals, Danger Dam Ahead
• Rocks or Underwater Obstruction
• Restricted Travel
• Additional labels available, please inquire

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