Sea Anchors

Trolling Sea Anchor Drogues

Useful for Steering Assistance While Fishing

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Designed to help maintain a boat's orientation to the wind while fishing, these are not sea anchors in the traditional sense.
These drogues are designed for non-storm use.
Vinyl coated heavy nylon trolling sea anchor with 1" polypropylene shroud lines.
Best suited for small boats to prevent excessive drift in mild wind conditions.

Not designed for use in severe weather or waves.

• Will not rot or mildew
• Nylon webbing
• We recommend the use of an in-line swivel of adequate strength when deploying these devices
• Use #925 with your horseshoe buoy
• A commonly used rule of thumb for sizing a drogue is to use a drogue whose mouth diameter is about 10% of the boat's waterline length

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