Propane outboard
Propane Outboard Motor

Propane Outboard Motors 5.0 HP - Long Shaft

Powerful, Economical, Easy Starting, Convenient Engines
By: Lehr

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You've seen propane powered forklifts, taxis and buses...  There are many applications where propane is as good, or better, than gasoline — and outboard motors is one of them!
Except for their easier fuel handling, added convenience and increased safety, these outboards handle, sound, and perform just like their gasoline counterparts.
No messy mixing of gas and oil. Just twist in a propane canister, or hook up a tank, pull the cord, and go!
Propane is cheaper, safer, cleaner, more efficient, and more reliable than gasoline.
Check your local pricing, you may be surprised to find that propane can be HALF the price of gasoline. Plus, 85% of the propane used in the United States is produced right here in America.
Powered by standard, recyclable, 16.4 ounce propane canisters - available at most hardware stores, sporting goods stores, drug stores, and other locations where camping and lawn & garden tools are sold. Alternatively you can hook up your 5 gallon propane BBQ tank, or other size tank, with the included 4 ft hose.
• Approximate run time for a 5 hp outboard motor using 1 lb of propane (from a disposable canister or a larger tank): 30 minutes at full throttle, and 3 to 3-1/2 hours at trolling speeds.
• Powerful — 4-stroke overhead valve engine; 110 octane propane fuel
• Eco-friendly — zero evaporative emissions, zero ozone depleting hydrocarbons
• Easy start — no choke, no priming, no carburetor gum up, and no winterizing!
• Propane fuel is much easier and safer to store than gasoline
• Produces far fewer pollutants than gasoline - 97% fewer particulates!
• Meets new, strict EPA and CARB odor, hydrocarbon, carbon monoxide, and emissions standards
• Manual pull start; tiller handle throttle control
• Like all small outboard motors, gasoline or propane, these engines are made in China
• 3-year limited warranty
In the Specification Table:
• "Maximum Transom Height" is the distance from the inside of the mounting bracket (where it sits on the transom) to the bottom of the cavitation plate above the propeller.
This ensures the propeller is entirely below the bottom of the boat.
• "Shaft Length From Transom Top" is the distance from the inside of the bracket to the tip of the skeg that protects the propeller.
Functionally, this is the "draft" of the boat, when measured from the top of the transom.

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