Lenco Electric Hatch Lifts

Lenco 12V Electric Hatch Lifts

750 Pounds of 12V Electrical Power Lift

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The function of the Lenco hatch lift system is simple. Since the hatch lift is based around a ballscrew, it is able to push or pull a heavy load and remain at a constant position. To raise a load, extend the hatch lift by pressing on the upper part of the switch. To lower a load, retract the hatch lift by pressing the lower part of the switch.
• In case of power failure, Lenco hatch lifts are supplied with two clevis pins at the mounting brackets. To pull this pin out while the hatch is closed you must rig it to a point outside of the hatch.
• The actuator is most powerful when it is installed vertically at 90°
• Lifting capabilities decrease the closer the upper or lower mount is located to the hinge
• The further it is from a vertical position the less lifting capability
• When retracted, do not position hatch lift at an angle less than 30°
• Dual actuator systems are recommended for hatches over 500 lbs.
• For installation, it is important that the hatch lift is able to disengage itself at the fully retracted position. Failure to make accurate measure could cause damage to hatch lift or the hatch itself
• Lenco hatch lifts are fully submersible and will not drift
• Lenco hatch lifts are offered in both 12 and 24 volts

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