Standard Electric Trim Tab Kits

Increase Your Boat's Fuel Efficiency • Improve Steering & Comfort

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Trim tabs make the single most important difference in the way your boat rides and performs. By controlling the fore/aft attitude (angle) of the boat, they make the ride smoother, drier, faster, and safer. Trim tabs help reduce drag, allowing for faster speeds and better fuel economy — your boat will get on a plane sooner, and will be able to continue planing at slower speeds.

Compared to hydraulic trim tabs, the Lenco electric ball screw design is more reliable, three times more powerful, and has an instant response — which makes them very user friendly.
Lenco electric actuators are fully sealed and totally submersible - featuring plug & play, waterproof Deutsch connections. Built for strength and durability, the trim tab blades are 12 gauge 304 stainless steel, with angled side edges for increased structural strength, and a 1/8" diameter full length hinge pin. Kits include standard actuators with 5/16" SS bolts.

Lenco Standard Electric Trim Tab Kits include (2) 15054-001 actuators with 6 ft wire leads and Deutsch waterproof connectors, (2) heavy-duty SS trim tab blades, (2) 20 ft. actuator extension harnesses with Deutsch connectors, upper and lower mounting brackets, and all SS mounting hardware.
Control switches come in several styles, and are sold separately; see Related Products, below.

• Electric powered actuators - no messy hydraulic oil to top up or leak
• Instant response electric actuators for precise control
• Everything is fully submersible, maintenance free, and sealed for life
• Self-locking ballscrew will not drift, even while backing down
• 12-gauge laser cut stainless steel trim tab blades and hinges
• Stainless steel rams will stand up to any sea conditions
• Control switches are sold separately
• 3-year warranty
• CE certified
• Standard Trim Tabs require 14" of available transom height

Heavy on the technical side...

A word about sizing trim tabs:
Trim tabs function by providing "lift" at the stern of the boat - effectively lowering the bow of the boat when underway. The width (span) of the trim tab blade is more important than the depth (chord) in this regard. For most applications, 9" trim tabs will provide the best combination of lift, without producing too much drag.
A general rule of thumb is to select trim tabs with 1" of blade width for every foot of boat length. Choose the next size up for boats between available sizes. So, a 38 or 40 ft boat would use 9" x 40" trim tabs.

If there is not enough room on the transom to accommodate the ideal blade width, say because of twin engines, you should consider using 12" blades to make up for the surface area lost due to having to use blades with a smaller span.
Another situation in which 12" deep blades should be considered is if you boat requires extra "lift". This can occur with semi-displacement hulls, vessels over 50 ft in length, boats with outboards mounted on extended brackets, etc. The 12" chord provides greater surface area than a 9" blade of the same width, thereby creating extra lift.

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