Lewmar Pro-Fish Horizontal Windlasses

Pro Fish 700 & 1000 lb Horizontal Windlasses

Helm-Controlled Auto Free Fall | Avg. Boat Length 23 to 38 ft | 700 & 1000 lb Max. Pull
By: Lewmar

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Checking Your Price
Lewmar's Pro-Series and Pro-Fish windlasses are close cousins. The main difference is the default anchor lowering method.
Pro-Fish windlasses come with a default freefall function for ultra-fast anchor lowering, with the option to change a setting on the windlass for power down operation.
Pro-Series windlasses come with a default power down function for anchor lowering, with the option for manually operated free fall, controlled at the windlass.
Both windlass types have the standard power up function.
This entry features the Pro-Fish windlasses - easily identified by the fish logo on the outside of the chainwheel clutch cover.

An ideal windlass for fishermen, the Lewmar Pro-Fish has an automatic free-fall feature (controlled via a rocker switch at the helm) that allows you to pull up right over a fishing hotspot, wreck or ledge, and drop anchor with speed and precision. No more running your motor or wasting fuel while you "hover fish." Plus, retrieval is as easy as pushing a button. You also have the option to lower the anchor under power when using freefall is not appropriate.

Pro-fish windlass kits come complete and ready for simple, Do-It-Yourself installation.
Note that these windlasses are direct replacements for Lewmar's older Horizon 600 and 900 windlasses - the exact same mounting hole pattern, but increased pulling power.

• Suitable for most boats from 23 - 30 ft (700 Model), and 27 - 38 ft (1000 Model) in length
• Rocker switch controlled free fall feature
• Power up, with power down option
• Powerful permanent magnet motor provides fast line speed
• Smooth, snag-free, rope to chain transitions
• Sleek and corrosion resistant 100% 316 stainless steel construction, including control arm and chain stripper
• Manual recovery operation - all you need is a common 1/2" socket wrench
• Convenient above-deck installation
• Reliable spur gearbox for strength, speed, and efficiency
• Maximum pulling power: 320 kg (700 lb) for the 700 and 454 kg (1,000 lb) for the 1000
• Minimum recommended deck thickness is 1" (25mm); supplement with a suitable backing plate, if necessary
• Optional Deck Switches as well as Remote Handheld and Wireless Controls are available; see Related Products, below
• Note that G4, G40, G43, and High Test (HT) chains are equivalent for sizing purposes
• 5-year warranty

What's in the box...
Pro-Fish windlasses can be purchased as a "windlass only" with neoprene mounting gasket, mounting studs, and an installation wrench which fits all the windlass components.
They can also be purchased as a "windlass kit" which adds a circuit breaker, dual direction solenoid, and a heavy duty up/down guarded rocker switch (for helm mounting)
In Pro-Fish windlasses, this rocker switch controls the free fall as well as power up (and optional power down) functions.
The windlass kits are, by far, the most popular option.

Is one of these windlasses a good choice for your boat? You can use the recommended typical boat lengths provided or, for a more rigorous determination, take the total weight of your ground tackle (anchor + rode) and multiply by 4. The maximum pull capability of the windlass should be at least as large as the resulting number.

Note — There are only two gypsies used on "Pro" windlasses:
Windlasses equipped with a gypsy for 1/4" chain can use - 1/4" High Test, 1/4" BBB, 6mm DIN or 7mm DIN Chain and 1/2" 3-Strand or 9/16" 8-Plait Line
Windlasses equipped with a gypsy for 5/16" chain can use - 5/16" High Test or 8mm DIN or ISO Chain, and 5/8" or 9/16" 3-Strand or 5/8" 8-Plait Line

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