LifeLine AGM Staring Battery

12V 1400T AGM Starting Battery - 550 CCA

AGM Absorbed Glass Mat Technology • 32 lb

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AGM LifeLine batteries are known for their quality construction and ability to be discharged again and again and not lose their amp-hour rating. The 1400T is a "Special Cranking" battery designed for starting/cranking use in marine and RV applications.

For a size reference, the 1400T is smaller than a Group 24 battery (1/2" shorter, 1-3/4" narrower, and 2" lower), and is designed for dual purpose deep cycle and starting applications.
• Faster recharge, no current limitations with voltage regulated recharging
• Full recharge after 30 days storage in a full discharge condition (77°F rating)
• Less than 3% per month self discharge at 77°F (25°C); less at lower temperatures
• 550 CCA at 0°F, 700 CCA at 32°F
• Sealed construction with absorbed electrolyte - no shipment restrictions, submersible without damage; install in any position; no need for watering
• Cell safety vent valves - pressure regulated, non-removable
• Rugged, non-marring polypropylene copolymer case and cover
• Safety-even during severe overcharge the Lifeline AGM battery produces less than 2% hydrogen gas (4.1% is required for flammability in air)
• Overall dimensions (including terminals):   9.78"L x 4.97"W x 6.83"H
• Weight:   32 lb
• Two M8 terminals - female threaded copper insert to accept M8 bolts (included)
• UL listed
• Made in the USA

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