Alarm Multiplexer for Lopolight Navigation Lights
Alarm Multiplexer for Lopolight Navigation Lights

Alarm Multiplexer for Lopolight Navigation Lights

Signals Navigation Light Failure

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Note: This device is specific to Lopolight navigation lights.
Typically incorporated into a navigation light control panel, use it to connect to your suite of nav lights to alert you of a fault in one or more lights, and the need to switch to a back-up or reserve light.

The Alarm Multiplexer is able to monitor and combine up to six (6) individual alarm signals into a common mutable alarm signal - for example, a buzzer in your navigation light control panel.
This function is typically used when a central acoustic alarm must be activated in the event of one (or several) failing navigation lights.
For monitoring more than six lights, additional multiplexers can be wired in parallel.

Trigger function: The Alarm Multiplexer has 6 individual input connections and any signal on any one of these will trigger the output relay and the internal buzzer. The output is "positive edge triggered" - that is, it will trigger regardless of the duration of the input signal.

Reset function: The output relay and the internal buzzer can be reset regardless of the state of any of the input pins. That is, the unit can still be reset even if an input pin is high. Any new signal on an input pin will result in a new relay/buzzer triggering.
Expected service life is 50,000 hours.

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