Voltage Transient Filter
Voltage Transient Filter

Voltage Transient Filter

Voltage Spike Protector | For Older LED Light Fixtures

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Protects lights and other electrical devices against unexpected voltage spikes.
This transient filter allows any voltage under 32 volts to pass, but efficiently blocks any voltage spike above this level.
Install, inline, as close as possible to the device being protected.
This filter is potted and submersible.
Two input leads; two output leads

Installation recommendations:
Evaluate where voltage transients could occur.
On a small vessel powered by an outboard engine, the spikes and transients probably arise from an unregulated generator on the engine, here it is recommended to place one filter just before the distribution panel.
On a vessel with high powered electrical or communication devices it is recommended to place the filters after those high power lines. That is, the filters for the bow lights should be placed closer to the lights than the the windlass and the bowthruster. Lopolight is alway available for advice on the mounting of filters

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