Maxillume2 - High Output LED Flood Light, Wide Beam

Maxillume2 - High Output LED Flood Light, Wide Beam

16 LED • 12/24V • 250W Equivalent, Dim Option
By: Lumitec

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An innovation in optical design, the Maxillume2 offers a small, sleek package, with high output and wide coverage area.
Maxillume2 boasts the light output equivalent of a 200 to 300 Watt halogen light, and was designed specifically for sportfish vessels.
In a typical tower/flybridge installation, the Maxillume2's extra wide beam pattern floods light to port, starboard, and off the transom — illuminating an area up to 80 ft wide by 65 ft deep (from a 17 ft height).

Designed and manufactured completely in the US, the light boasts a completely sealed marine grade housing and Lumitec's proprietary DeckSweep technology.
This radially asymmetric pattern puts light where you need it most, meaning more useable light and less wasted power.

There is a dimmable model of the Maxilumme2 available!
The light ramps up to full intensity over a period of about 3 seconds on startup.
To enable a "dimmed mode" simply briefly toggle the (user supplied) on/off switch at any point during the ramp up to maintain the current intensity.
This allows the intensity to be set anywhere from a soft glow to full power.

• Replaces power hungry, 200 to 300W quartz halogen flood lights
• Wide 60° beam, compared to the typical 30° beam of competitor lights

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