Bow Roller
Bow Roller
Bow Roller
Bow Roller

BR3 Bow Roller, 47 - 70 ft.

BR1 without Top Brake | BR2/BR3 with Top Brake

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Mantus bow roller is an anchor bow roller designed to fit an anchor of any design and when combined with the anchor-mate, it provides an ultimate solution for anchor storage.
• Rugged 316 stainless steel construction
• Beautiful Mirror Polish
• Slotted delrin rollers designed to align the chain before it enters the windlass to avoid chain skipping.
• Slotted roller housing allows for an endless custom configuration to guarantee a perfect anchor fit.
• Easily integrates the anchor-mate
• BR1 Design: Does NOT feature the top brake assembly
• BR2/BR3 Design: Incorporates the top brake assembly
Top brake assembly serves two functions:
• In the pushed down position it stabilizes the stored anchor. Spread the two spring loaded rollers and slide over the anchor shank, lock the brake in place with the knobs on the side.
• In the upright position the top brake assembly controls the angle at which the anchor is deployed, making sure it travels away from the boat and does not hit structures on deck on its way.
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