Mantus Stainless Steel Chain Hook
Mantus Chain Hook

Mantus Stainless Steel Chain Hook

The Strongest and Smartest Rope-to-Chain Connection Available

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The advantage Mantus Chain Hooks have over standard chain hooks is that while they are easy to put on and take off, they also positively lock onto the chain — even when the chain is unloaded. This makes the Mantus Hook much safer than standard chain hooks that often fall off.
While having the hook fall off the chain while paying out chain when anchoring is merely frustrating, having the hook dislodged by the chaotic wave motion of a storm could be a disaster.
With no moving parts, the Mantus Chain Hook is well suited for the harsh marine environment.

This chain grabber is safe. It is designed to be as strong as high test chain.
While the Mantus Chain Hook can be used with any 2-part anchor bridle, or single line snubber, it ideally paired with the Mantus Universal Anchor Bridle - which has a very safe design, and matches strengths with the Mantus Hook. See Related Products, below.
In an emergency, this chain hook can even be used to join two sections of chain.

• Fits BBB, Proof Coil, Hi-Test, and Stainless Steel Chains
• Available for 1/4", 5/16", 3/8", and 1/2" chain sizes
• Available in 316L stainless steel (electro-polished)
• Plastic keeper gate and an appropriately-sized stainless steel shackle are included in the price

Watch an informative 1 minute video demonstrating how the Mantus chain Hook secures to your anchor chain.

Heavy on the technical side...
NOTE — The safety factor Manuts uses to determine the safe working load (SWL) is 4, where other manufacturers use the safety factor of 3 or lower.
Thus you should the Ultimate Breaking Strength (UBS) (Breaking Strength) as the best way to compare strength between products.
Click on See detailed table of all productsto see specifications of product options.
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