EEL ShorePower Y-Adapters
EEL ShorePower Y-Adapters

MCO Y30-2-30 EEL Y-ADAPTER 30A (M) TO 2-30A (F)

One Dock Side Plug - Two Boat Side Connectors • 30A & 50A Models
By: Marinco

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EEL Y-Adapters enable you to split one dockside receptacle between two boat inlets of similar, or dissimilar, power configurations.
EEL stands for Easily Engaged Lock. With a one-handed squeeze, and a simple twist, the EEL ShorePower™ system clamps down to create a safe connection and a watertight seal.
This easier-to-use EEL locking system eliminates the need for traditional black sealing rings, with their associated problems of breaking and cross-threading.

• Patented jaw clamp technology — no threaded ring required, creates a watertight seal
• Suitable for use in wet locations
• Secondary finger-activated lock for added security — when engaged, the jaws cannot be unclamped
• Proprietary built-in cord light for added safety — illuminates nighttime plug-ins
• Power indicator light on both ends — alerts you that you are plugged in at the dock, and power is flowing through the cord
• Universal connection — connects to any brand of NEMA configured inlet
• Watertight molded plug and connector ends for safety and durability
• Heavy-duty, super flexible marine grade cable (30 Amp 10 gauge/50 Amp 6 gauge)
• Corrosion-resistant, nickel-plated contacts
• 5-year warranty

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