7 lb Hand Sounding Lead Plummet
7 lb Hand Sounding Lead Plummet

7 lb Hand Sounding Lead Plummet

Weight Only • aka "The Blue Pigeon"
By: Martyr

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Also known as a Blue Pigeon, this is the real deal, and a great back up for your depth sounder. Supply your own line according to your desire for low friction, or a good "hand" — 1/4" might be a good compromise. 3-strand line will allow you to insert "marks" to indicate various depths, with double braid line you could use coded whippings for marks...

Into nautical tradition? Articles describing the coded "marks" traditionally used and their intervals are easily found on the internet. Search for "Sounding Lead".

• Copper ring molded into the top to reduce line chafe
• Dished cavity to hold wax for retrieving a sample of the bottom material to help in gauging how well an anchor might hold
• Plummet - 7 lb
• Plummet dimensions - approx. 2" x 8-1/2"

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