MasterVolt Mass Combi Inverter⁄Chargers
MasterVolt Mass Combi Inverter⁄Chargers

Mass Combi Inverter/Charger - 120V AC

Pure Sine Wave Inverter/Charger

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The Mass Combi Inverter/Charger series offers advanced technology in a compact package.

Features include: power inverter - for reliable, clean AC current; battery charger; automatic transfer switch; power sharing - for intelligent power distribution among loads; and power support - to add capacity to another existing AC power source such as a genset.

The charger provides simultaneous 3-stage charging of multiple battery banks (Gel, AGM, or Lead Acid Batteries), ensuring full battery power and longer life - even when a generator is used.
Use the Mass Combi to run air-conditioning, dishwashers, or microwave ovens.
If several large appliances are run at once, the generator or batteries can be utilized to temporarily bridge the gap in power.

Plug-n-play connections allow for remote monitoring and control of all functions.
The included ICC remote status panel incorporates an on/off switch, and monitors 8 functions including DC load, state of battery charge, charging phase, chrger vs. inverter mode, and includes an on/"hibernate" switch

• Pure sine wave inverter - ideal for sensitive electronics
• High frequency switch mode charging technology
• Efficient 3-stage battery charging (bulk, absorption, float)
• Lightweight and compact
• Robust engineering for cool, efficient running - even in hot engine rooms
• A second Mass Combi, or a generator, can usually be paralleled to increase power (see factory specification tables)
• Genset support mode
• Voltages shown in Table are nominal
• 2-year warranty; meets ABYC standards, CE certified

• What's in the box — inverter/charger, ICC control panel, connecting cable for the ICC panel, battery temperature sensor with 59 ft cable

Accessories include:
• The optional APC Control Panel (#70405050 for 120V AC; #704for 230V AC) adds Power Sharing to the panel for integrating with a genset
• The optional MICC - Status/On-Off Remote Panel (#70403105) has additional features compared to the ICC or API panels — indicates DC amp consumption, consumed AHr, time remaining, percent battery capacity remaining, battery charge status, charge phase, system voltage, failure codes, alarms, AC availability, and a charger only on/off switch
• The digital Masterview Easy (77010300) for which you will need the interface unit (MV part number 77030475)
• See our separate entries for additional information about the optional control panels
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