HRC FF Rope Chain Horizontal Windlass

HRC FF Rope Chain Horizontal Windlass

900 lb Max. Pull • Typical Boat Length 15 to 40 ft • Automatic Free Fall Feature
By: Maxwell

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The popular HRC FF (Free Fall) is Maxwell’s horizontal version of the innovative vertical RC6 and RC8 automatic rope/chain windlasses.
The HRC FF is packed with proven features including Maxwell's patented rode management technology.

The HRC FF incorporates Maxwell's automatic "free fall" technology. Simply activate the free fall lever on the windlass, and the next time you operate the "down" control at the helm or footswitch, the windlass will release its clutch and allow the anchor to free fall to the bottom for emergency anchoring, or to land the anchor at a particular location before you drift off it. This is a feature much appreciated by fishermen.
When you are ready to lift anchor, sctivate the "up" control, and the free fall mechanism automatically disengages, allowing you to power up your anchor.

The HRC FF windlass also features Maxwell's off-set rib, Wave Design chainwheel — which offers superior holding power with less wear on the rope. This chainwheel will accommodate 1/4"/6mm/7mm (HRCFF-6) or 5/16"/8mm (HRCFF-8) short link marine chain — HT or BBB or metric. The chainwheel handles all of them equally well.
By the way, the HRC FF works just as well with all-chain rodes for those who prefer the added security and holding power of an all-chain anchor system.
A huge through-deck hawse pipe ensures easy entry and exit of rope and chain.

• Horizontal format saves space below deck
• Patented, enclosed anchor rode pressure arm ensures secure grip on rode, and trouble-free transition from chain to rope
• Motor and drive are encapsulated in a watertight case
• Die cast marine aluminum alloy is hard anodized for excellent saltwater protection
• Easy access for routine maintenance
• Simple bolt down installation and easy set-up
• Integral, smooth, nylon composite chainpipe for snag-free delivery of rode to the chain locker
• High efficiency spur gearbox incorporating a robust non-backwind mechanism
• On deck dimensions (all models): 10-1/8"L x 8-7/16"W x 5-3/8"H
• 3-year limited warranty

What's in the box (U.S. models) — windlass and chainwheel, panel mounted up/down helm switch, dual direction solenoid, panel mounted on/off circuit breaker, and clutch release/emergency manual retrieval handle.
Recommended options include: chain stopper (or chain snubber); see Accessories, below.
Additional options include: deck mounted footswitches, wired or wireless rode counters, windlass control and rode counter combo, wired or wireless handheld remote control; see Related Products.

Is one of these windlasses a good choice for your boat? You can use the recommended typical boat lengths provided or, for a more rigorous determination, take the total weight of your ground tackle (anchor + rode - presumably correctly sized for your particular vessel) and multiply by 3. The maximum pull capability of the windlass should be at least as large as the resulting number.

Heavy on the technical side...
The patented Wave Design™ rope/chain wheel incorporates two unique design concepts that greatly improve the handling and control of the rope/chain spliced rode. The outer ribs of the chainwheel are angled slightly forward ensuring that the rope and the chain are smoothly guided in the wheel during anchor retrieval.

As the rope pulls into the wheel, the opposite facing inner ribs grip the rope in an undulating manner, securing the rope more firmly in a "wave pattern" action (like a rope clutch) that is far superior to the traditional "jam cleat" manner of holding the rope used in all other rope/chain wheels on the market. Not only does this Wave Design hold the rope more securely, it is also kinder on the rope resulting in increased longevity of your anchor rode.
The ingeniously designed Wave Design™ Chainwheel on every RC Series windlass, is able to accommodate a wide range of chain pitch differences within the specified marine short-link chain size — G4, BBB, and Metric.

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