VC Vertical Capstans

VC Vertical Capstans

Versatile Rope Hauling for Anchoring, Docking and More...
By: Maxwell

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The VC Series is designed for simple, low cost anchor recovery on smaller boats and rope hauling on larger vessels. Due to its vertical orientation - and unlike capstans on horizontal windlasses - these capstans can be used for auxiliary line hauling with lead-in from any direction.

• Vertical design suits smaller powerboats or sailboats
• Can be utilized for anchor rodes, or as a docking and mooring capstan on larger craft
• Smaller models are sometimes installed on sailboats for electric powered hauling of halyards and sheets as an inexpensive non-self-tailing alternative to electric sheet winches; see below for more details
• High quality finish on above deck components, hard wearing chrome over marine-grade bronze
• Simplified through-deck installation by modular design and precise alignment of gearbox to the topworks utilizing marine-grade stainless steel bolts
• Alternative gearbox/motor positions accommodate virtually all installation situations
• Compact, reliable gearbox, made of corrosion resistant materials
• Anodized aluminium gearbox and spacer on VC500 and VC1000 models
• Heavy duty, dual direction motors, designed for marine windlasses
• Easily disassembled for servicing
• Can be mounted horizontally for use as a pot hauler or davit winch

Note — Typical boat lengths listed include both light and heavy displacement vessels. If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range given for a particular capstan, but has a relatively heavy displacement for its length, we recommend you choose the next larger size capstan.
Analogously, If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range provided for a particular capstan, but has a very light displacement for its length, you can select that capstan.

What's in the box (U.S. models) — single direction (clockwise) capstan, panel mounted on/off circuit breaker, and one (1) deck mounted black covered high amperage foot switch (no solenoid required).

Click here to see the Installation and User Manual for the VC500 Capstan.

Click here to see the Installation and User Manual for the VC500 Capstan.

Heavy on the technical side...

When sizing VC capstans, Maxwell recommends that for a particular length of boat, the next size smaller motor can be used for a capstan, compared to a windlass sized for that boat. We have used those sizing recommendations here.
So, if a VWC 1500 windlass was selected as suitable for a particular vessel, that vessel would use a VC 1000 capstan.

Smaller VC capstans are sometimes installed on sailboats as electric powered halyard (especially) or sheet winches as an alternative to expensive purpose designed self-tailing electric sheet winches. Being worm gear driven, these VC capstans will not backwind (reverse) while holding high static loads as you cleat off or engage a rope clutch. When used for halyards, we recommend always using these VC capstans in conjunction with rope clutches.
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