Emergency Radar Reflectors

S-2 Hoistable/Emergency Coastal Radar Reflectors

21 Sq Ft / 2 Sq Meter Radar Cross Section

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The Mobri S-2 is designed to be mounted in the rigging of sailboats. It can be mounted as a semi-permanent installation, or hoisted into the rigging as needed. With its smaller reflective area compared to the S-4, this model is better suited to calmer waters with less radar clutter or interference.

The best performance is achieved when the Mobri radar reflector is mounted in a vertical position as high as possible above the deck, a minimum of 4 m/13 ft is recommeded. It should be mounted in the shrouds away from the "shadow" of the mast.

Mounting eyes are moulded in the structure at top and bottom. Durable lashing materials should be used to attach it to the standing rigging.

• Lightweight, noiseless, low windage tubular reflector
• Reduces chance of sail and rigging chafing
• S-2 Radar cross section: 2 sq meters/21 sq ft
• End color - black
• Dimensions: 2" Dia. x 23" Tall
Reviewed by1customer 
Mobri Radar Reflector 2 Inch Diameter, February 05, 2014
I had two of these installed for less than 4 years on our standing rigging and they both broke into tiny bits for no reason - the clear plastic tubing cracked and broke apart with the internal parts raining upon the deck below - I will never purchase these again and do not recommend them for purchase.
By R. Blackburn-Lappin from Port Angeles WA
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