ST Control
ST Control

ST Single Function Lever Engine Control

Side Mount Mechanical Control • One Lever, One Function

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Economical, durable, control with 3.20:1 mechanical advantage and a heavy chrome finish for use with throttle or transmission cables.
This HD model includes hardware for heavier 40 Series cables with 1/4-28 threaded ends. (The now discontinued Standard model was for use with 30 Series cables.)

STB Brake models feature a screw adjustable built-in friction brake to prevent "cable drift" when the return spring on the engine tends to return the throttle control to idle when you let go of it. This mechanism keeps the throttle lever where you leave it.
An alternative, but not as good, solution for "cable drift" is to install a Throttle Cable Brake. This is a simple screw clamp, installed anywhere along the length of the throttle cable, which crushes the casing against the cable, thereby increasing friction within the cable.

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