Storm 850 SS Vertical Rope Chain Windlass - Low Profile
Storm 850

Storm 850 SS Vertical Rope Chain Windlass - Low Profile

500 lb Max. Pull • 600W PM Motor • Typical Boat Length 26 - 35 ft • Polished Stainless Steel Case

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The beautiful polished stainless steel Muir Storm series of vertical rope/chain windlasses comes in both capstan and gypsy-only, low profile versions. They all feature a gypsy suitable for all-chain or combination rope/chain rodes.

Muir's Rope Chain Management System (RCMS) features a 360° chain stripper and aft-facing pressure finger to ensure trouble-free transitions from rope to chain, as well as secure gripping of rope rodes. Should a snag occur, a quick-release, swiveling chain pipe cover makes it easy to access the chainpipe.

Motor is dual direction; you will need to order a solenoid control box and second footswitch to take advantage of this feature.
A cone-shaped clutch/brake allows for effective control of the rode when "free fall" anchor lowering with a single-direction installation.

Storm windlasses feature Muir's splined "Quick Fit" topworks/lower unit attachment system.
This allows the lower unit (motor & gearbox) to be positioned in any orientation (rotates 360°) for easy installation - especially helpful in today's smaller chain lockers. The Quick Fit attachment system makes the Storm easier to install, easier to disassemble, and easier to maintain.

The typical boat lengths listed include both light and heavy displacement vessels. If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range given for a particular windlass, but has a relatively heavy displacement for its length, choose the next larger size windlass.
Analogously, If your vessel's length is toward the top end of the range provided for a particular windlass, but has a very light displacement for its length, you can select that windlass.
Use good judgment, as you never know when your windlass will be pressed to perform at the limits of its capabilities - such as raising the anchor in storm conditions.

Capstan drum models allow for independent winching of other lines - a second anchor rode, mooring lines, running rigging, etc.

NOTE - These windlasses are available with a variety of gypsy options for various types of chain. Please be sure to specify your choice of gypsy when ordering!
Do this by adding a Note to this item after you place it in your Shopping Cart.
See below for further details.

• Independent gypsy and capstan operation (capstan models)
• Strong, lighter, highly polished stainless steel casing for the ultimate in saltwater durability
• "Quick Fit" installation allows lower unit to rotate 360° when positioning during installation
• Self-aligning gearbox/adaptor ensures perfect gearbox alignment independent of any deck imperfections
• Stainless steel drive shaft and worm drive with bronze gears
• Most models come with no manual backup; however, a manual retrieval system (MORS) is standard on 1000 and 1200 models, and optional on others; see below for more details.

What's in the box — windlass and gypsy (please specify gypsy number [see below] in the Shopping Cart Comment Field when ordering), mounting hardware, single footswitch (DC models), Rope Chain Management System, and clutch release handle.
Recommended options: additional footswitch, dual direction solenoids, circuit breaker, and chain stopper.
Popular options: helm mounted or hand held remote controllers, rode counter.

Gypsies for a variety of chains sizes are available, see below; please specify when ordering.
Additionally, Storm windlasses are available with 24 volt or hydraulic drives, with provisions for extended deck clearance, and as matched clockwise/anti-clockwise pairs. There is even a polished bronze finish option. Please inquire at 800-426-6930 for assistance.

Is one of these windlasses a good choice for your boat? You can use the recommended typical boat lengths provided or, for a more rigorous determination, take the total weight of your ground tackle (anchor + rode - presumably correctly sized for your particular vessel) and multiply by 3. The maximum pull capability of the windlass should be at least as large as the resulting number.

Heavy on the technical side...

Chain and gypsy options for Storm 850 windlass:
• 5/16" BBB = MPA0850080 gypsy
• 3/8" BBB = MPA0850099 gypsy
• 1/4" HT = MPA0850113 gypsy
• 5/16" HT = MPA0850080 gypsy
• 3/8" HT = MPA0850112 gypsy

Manual retrieval options:
The Storm 850, 1250, 2200 models have no effective manual backup - in the event of an electrical failure, the rode would probably be retrieved by hand. (An optional manual operating system [MOS] - which is a special cranking handle - can be purchased, however its use requires drilling attachment holes in the chainwheel and very careful operation to avoid losing control of the windlass and ground tackle. This system is not recommended in its current format. Muir is planning to release an improved version of the MOS in 2018.)

The following is for reference only, and does not apply to this windlass. It may, however steer you toward a different windlass...
A second type of manual retrieval system, the MORS, is available on the other Storm models. The MORS features a ratchet pawl assembly within the cone clutch - similar to the ratchet pawls in familar sailboat sheet winches - and is operated via a standard winch handle.
On Storm 1000 and 1200 models, the MORS (Manual OverRide System) comes standard.
The MORS is available as an option on the larger Storm 2500, 3500 and 4000 models at an increased cost. As indicated above, the MORS option will require the selection of a different gypsy at the time of ordering. Please call us for assistance when ordering this system as an option; 800-426-6930.

The MORS can be configured in two ways: 1) electric dual direction for power up and power down or 2) electric power up with manual deployment.
• When in the latter configuration, manual recovery of the anchor is accomplished by simply inserting a standard sheet winch handle (included) into the socket on the top of the capstan or clutch cap and cranking.
• If the unit is configured for dual-direction electrical operation, manual retrieval is still possible after re-positioning the ratchet pawls located underneath the cone clutch, then proceeding as above. For its obvious convenience, most users configure the MORS for dual-direction electric operation knowing they can easily reconfigure the unit if manual operation becomes necessary.

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